*All RMA’s or returns must have proof of purchase included

Mostof our products carry a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty. If theproduct carries a different warranty policy, it will be shown on theinvoice. If a product you purchase fails to meet your needs, isdefective or becomes defective within the first 30 days, we stronglyrecommend that you contact the retailer whom you purchased the devicefrom to arrange exchange or refund. 

Anyaccessories, such as cables, chargers, and user’s manual, should beincluded in the return packaging. Shipment must be prepaid by shipper,we are unable to issue return shipping labels (we do not ship out ofUS), also a tracking number must be provided ahead of time. Productsmust be free from damage of any type, including, but not limited todents, scratches, cracks, abuse, defacement or indication of removedscrews/fasteners or seals. 

Inthe event that the product you are returning does not meet therequirements described in our policy, Hyundai will photograph themerchandise and packaging, and prepare a detailed summary of ourdetermination as to why the return was denied, the product will bedeemed not eligible for return and may be returned to sender. 

Allreturned products will be thoroughly inspected and a determination willbe made if eligibility and conforming requirements are met. Pleaseverify the product you are returning meets the below guidelines andqualifies for return to avoid any delay in, or denial of, processingyour return. Return processing may take up to 4 weeks from the time yourproduct is received. 

Returnswill only be accepted and processed if they are assigned a valid ReturnAuthorization Number. Any return we receive without a valid RMA numberwill be documented and rejected. Hyundai shall not be responsible foritems returned that are lost or damaged in transit.

Limited Warranty covers:

TheHyundai Technology warranty only covers repairs, replacements, refundsor credit for defective products. Hyundai Technology is not liable forand does not cover under warranty, any damages or losses of any kindwhatsoever resulting from loss of, damage to, or corruption of, contentor data or any costs associated with determining the source of systemproblems or removing, servicing or installing Hyundai Products.

This warranty excludesthird-party software, connected equipment or stored data. HyundaiTechnology is therefore not liable for any losses or damage attributableto third-party software, connected equipment or stored data. In theevent of a claim, Hyundai Technology’s sole obligation shall be to issuea refund or replacement of the hardware.

Limited Warranty does NOT cover:

Anycosts associated with the repair or replacement of the Productincluding labor, installation or other costs incurred by you, and inparticular, any costs relating to the removal or replacement of anyProduct that is soldered or otherwise permanently affixed to any printedcircuit board; OR

Damage to the Product due to external causes,including accident, problems with electrical power, abnormal electrical,mechanical or environmental conditions, usage not in accordance withproduct instructions, misuse, neglect, alteration, repair, improperinstallation, or improper testing; OR

Any Product which has beenmodified or operated outside of specifications or where the originalidentification markings (trademark or serial number) has been removed,altered or obliterated from the Product, or where the label or screw onthe exterior of the Product is removed or broken.

3 Months: Tablets, Smartphone, Phablet Battery.

6 Months: Laptops, such as Netbooks and Notebooks Battery.

1 Year: Tablets, Mini PC, Phablets. Any internal component except battery.

Laptops: any internal components except battery. 

3 Years: External SSD

5 Years: Memory, Internal SSD and RAM accessories

Lifetime: USB, microSDHC and microSDXC