At Hyundai, we are passionate about technology, and fueled by a drive to innovate.

We aim to deliver people the technology of tomorrow with the Hyundai products of today.


  • The Hyundai brand was founded by Chung Ju-yung in 1947 in South Korea.
  • Hyundai now produces products in the automobile, motor, industry, construction, steel, and technology industries.
  • Hyundai (pronounced jion-déi) means “modernity” in English, a name that we have lived up to. Hyundai has been at the leading edge of progress for generations, and we strive to continue to innovate into the next generation and beyond.

Every Hyundai product is designed and developed with the philosophy of employing technology to enhance the everyday lives of our users. This can be seen in our extensive range of computing and mobile devices, products that we created to meet the needs of today’s always-connected lifestyles.

Hyundai: Technology Inspired by Lifestyles.

At Hyundai Technology, our pursuit is to make things better. We stand at the forefront of emerging technologies, pushing the limits of what is possible to create the products that will not only shape the lives of people today, but also inspire the next generation to do greater.

Our company was born from peoples’ desire to improve their lives through technology. Together with our corporate partners such as Google, Microsoft, and Intel, we supply society with products that enhance their quality of life.



Hyundai Technology maintains its position as a leader in the global tech industry by rigorously staying on top of the ever-changing wants and needs of the market. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to discern the components, performance, and equipment that people need, and the colors, sizes, and designs they want. Utilizing this information enables us to deliver premium products that meet the needs of our customers at fair and competitive prices, something that sets us apart from the competition.

Our exhaustive research gives Hyundai Technology the ability to create high-quality, versatile products that deliver stunning performance and style, a reflection of our motto – “Life Inspired”. No matter the project, people, or problems presented, trust Hyundai to provide a definite solution that is up to the challenge.

Hyundai aspires to be the best in our field on a worldwide scale, so we deeply respect the vast diversity of cultures and creeds that are part of our global community. We act globally, and aspire to continually be a corporate organization that is respected and admired by people worldwide.

Doing business with partners around the world is integral to maintaining our standards of quality while facilitating growth. With effective communication with business partners that support our passion for progress and innovation, we can accomplish more in more countries than we could alone.

Hyundai also supports the individuals the work to make the company the industry leader that it is today. The members of our corporate family are given the tools and training their need as they aspire to reach their own professional goals.

 “We do what we say and we commit ourselves to what we do”.