Tablets Are The New PCs

Tablets Are The New PCs

Posted on Sep 15, 22 by Christian Muniz

Why You Should Buy a Tablet

In recent years, tablets have emerged as devices that chalk out the perfect balance between smartphones and laptops. A tablet is a portable notebook that is built on a mobile operating system platform like Android or iOS.

Instead of asking which tablet you should buy, maybe you should be asking why you need a tablet in the first place. Let's take a look at a few reasons why buying a tablet might be a good idea before you hand over your credit card.

  1. Tablets make great e-readers. Despite critics complaining about a lack of focus and legibility, many users still use tablets for PDFs, comics, long web articles, and so on. Plus kids books are fun in full color, something paper books will never beat.

  2. We see this all the time and it comes to no surprise. Tablets are perfect for movies and music. There’s nothing better than having a peaceful car ride with your kids as they watch Cars or Lion King on any tablet. Kids love it and a tablet costs less than installing soon-to-be-obsolete DVD-powered LCDs in the headrest.

  3. Tablets are great for sharing photos and 1-on-1 presentations. Tablets are excellent for a communal photo sharing experience and are so convenient for insurance adjusters, real estate folks, and salespeople. All the info you need in a small portable device.

  4. Tablets are cheaper than a new laptop. Your old laptop just died and you’re thinking about a new replacement. Don’t bother. Tablets are on par or more powerful than a standard ~$400 laptop.

  5. Tablets are portable productivity stations. There’s nothing like a calendar and an email window on a big screen. Although our phones nowadays run many similar applications, tablets enhance the experience.

  6. Tablets are great for meetings. While you should probably be paying attention during any meeting, tablets are a great way to take notes unobtrusively and when things get boring, play Angry Birds on mute.

  7. Tablets are the new laptops. If you don’t need to type a lot, tablets will handle more content than a two-year-old laptop, containing more modern apps and games.

  8. Tablets don’t crash. Or at least when they do crash it’s not a big deal. A quick restart is all it takes to get them back on track.

  9. Tablets are awesome for travel. Plenty of today’s tablets work with WiFi and LTE networks and the large screens and storage space is great for maps, guides, and web surfing overall.

Variably different from smartphones in terms of looks, overall feel and benefits, tablets venture the role of mini-laptops and then upgraded versions of smartphones that can accompany you anywhere and anytime. Tablets will absolutely sideline notebooks to a greater extent.


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