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If the product you purchased does not meet your needs, is defective, or becomes defective within the first 30 days, contact the retailer where you purchased the device to facilitate an exchange.

This limited warranty applies only to Hyundai Technology Inc. hardware products, acquired for personal use and not for resale, due to manufacturing defects. 

**All returns (RMA) must include a proof of purchase

Most of our products come with a limited manufacturer's warranty for manufacturing defects for 1 year. Any accessories, such as cables, chargers, and user manuals, must be included in the returned packaging. Shipping costs are to be covered by the customer; we cannot issue return shipping labels (we do not ship outside of USA), and a tracking number must be provided in advance. Products must be free from any kind of damage, such as dents, scratches, cracks, abuse, disfigurement, or evidence of removed screws or seals.

Send the equipment in the best possible protection at the time of packaging, to prevent any accidents or alterations. In case you do not have the original packaging, please send the product in a box with appropriate dimensions for transportation, not damaged, and with sufficient protection.

If the product you are returning does not meet the described requirements, Hyundai Technology Inc. will photograph the merchandise and packaging, prepare a detailed summary with our determination of why the return was denied, and the product will be returned to you.

All returned products will be thoroughly inspected, and it will be determined if they meet eligibility and compliance requirements. Ensure that the product you are returning meets the guidelines below and qualifies for the return to avoid delays or denial of the return processing. Return processing may take up to 4 weeks from the time your product is received.

Returns will only be accepted and processed if a valid Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is assigned to you. Any return we receive without a valid RMA number will be documented and rejected. Hyundai Technology Inc. will not be responsible for returned items that are lost or damaged during transportation.

Service Warranty Responsibility

Before warranty service is provided, you must follow these steps:

  • Follow the service request procedures specified at:
  • Back up or protect all programs and data contained in the product.
    Provide all system keys or passwords. Delete all data, including confidential, proprietary, and personal information, from the product, or if you cannot delete such information, modify the information to prevent access by others or to render it non-personal data according to applicable law.
  • The Service Provider will not be responsible for the loss or disclosure of any data, including confidential information, proprietary information, or personal information, on a returned product or one accessed for warranty service.
  • Remove all features, parts, options, alterations, and accessories not covered by the warranty.
    Ensure that the product or part is free from legal restrictions that prevent its replacement.
  • Obtain owner authorization for the service provider to provide warranty service if you are not the owner.​

Limited Warranty Covers

The warranty of Hyundai Technology Inc. only covers repairs, replacements, refunds, or credits for factory-defective products. Hyundai Technology Inc. is not responsible and does not cover under warranty any damage or loss of any kind resulting from the degradation or corruption of content or data or any cost associated with determining the source of system problems or with the removal, maintenance, or installation of Hyundai Technology Inc. products. 

Limited Warranty 

 This warranty does not cover costs asciated with determining the source of system problems or the removal, service, or installation of Hyundai Technology Inc. products.

This warranty excludes third-party software, connected equipment, or stored data. Therefore, Hyundai Technology Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage attributable to third-party software, connected equipment, or stored data. In the event of a claim, Hyundai Technology Inc.'s sole obligation will be to issue a refund or replacement of the hardware.

Limited Warranty DOES NOT Cover  

 Any cost associated with repairing or replacing the product, including labor costs, installation, or other costs incurred by the product owner, and in particular, any cost related to the removal or replacement of any product that is soldered or otherwise permanently affixed to any printed circuit board; OR

Damage to the product due to external causes, including accidents, issues with power, abnormal electrical, mechanical, or environmental conditions, non-compliance with product instructions, misuse, negligence, alteration, repair, incorrect installation, or improper testing; OR

Any product that has been modified or operated outside of specifications or where the original identification marks (trademark or serial number) have been removed, altered, or obliterated from the product, or where the label or screw on the exterior of the product has been removed or broken.

In the event of receiving a product with physical damage due to improper packaging, the company is not responsible, and its warranty is voided. Upon receiving your product, please include the following statement: "Subject to review for possible damage due to mishandled packaging and/or loss." If this statement is not present on the shipping label, no claim will be processed, and we disclaim any liability.

Warranty Period  


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